UB&M provides comprehensive services that extend the life of your industrial equipment and save money over the long-term.

With our extensive maintenance knowledge and operational expertise, we develop and deliver tailored solutions to care for all of your heavy and light industrial equipment, including gas and steam turbines, compressors, generators, and balance of plant. We optimize your plant’s performance and minimize technical and commercial risk. Our network of technical experts, turbine engineers and skilled labor provide everything from routine inspections and minor repairs to major overhauls.

We have key relationships with strategic partners and manufacturers for the products we represent and distribute.

These relationships serve to show you a greater return on investment by providing cost-effective options when selecting new, refurbished, or used parts and equipment. We are committed to delivering quality parts and equipment that meet or exceed OEM standards with a full warranty.

MRO services include:

  • Control System Design and Retrofits
  • Global Field Services
  • Combustion, Hot Gas Path, Borescope and Major Inspections
  • Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Component Repair
  • Turbine Overhaul Services
  • Heavy Industrial Turbines
  • Light Industrial Aeroderivative Turbines
  • Reciprocating Engines
  • Build to Print Control Panels
  • Fuel Conversions
  • Metallurgical Analysis
  • Compressor Cleaning
  • Workshop Overhauls
  • Optical and Laser Alignment
  • Generator Inspection & Repair
  • DLN Upgrades
  • Flexible Service and Contract Offerings